Pattons CA is your trusted distributor for air compressor system sales and service needs in the Los Angeles, California area. We proudly present a diverse selection of air compressors and accompanying accessories tailored to address your unique air requirements. Our product lineup encompasses:

Each air compressor product within our range is meticulously engineered for superior efficiency and dependability, all at a low cost of ownership. With our best–in-class compressed air range, you can experience superior efficiency and dependability, all with low cost of ownership. We offer products to meet specific air demands of diverse industries, including but not limited to food and beverage, pharmaceuticals, textiles, medical, automotive, and general manufacturing.

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Rotary Screw Air Compressors

2 HP - 400 HP __________

Experience the highly efficient and reliable ELGi rotary screw air compressors. These versatile compressors provide a steady source of compressed air, making them a great choice for any industry. ELGi also offers an industry-leading warranty on their products.

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Reciprocating Air Compressors

2 hp - 40 hp __________

Are you looking for a reliable air compressor but are not in need of a large compressed air supply? Look no further than the Champion reciprocating air compressor range. These compressors are a good fit for various industries that need compressed air for small projects. Champion offers a 3-year warranty on the pump, tank, and motor.

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Portable Air Compressors

35 cfm - 800 cfm __________

ELGi portable air compressors are compact and durable, built to last for even the most rugged industries. These compressors boast efficiency while also being environmentally friendly and meeting international standards in terms of both quality and process. As an added benefit, experience ELGi’s five-year unlimited hour Air-End warranty.

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Medical Air Compressors

PCA offers Patton’s Medical medical and laboratory air compressors, vacuum pumps, dryers, and other medical equipment. These products are perfect for the healthcare industry, offering clean and dry compressed air, and meeting NFPA code. With over 15 years in the medical gas industry, Patton’s Medical designs products that are efficient and customizable to your needs.

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Determine your air needs :–

  • Identify the specific tools and equipment that will rely on compressed air within your facility.
  • Calculate the required cubic feet per minute (CFM) and pounds per square inch (PSI) to meet your production needs.
  • Consider future growth and increased air demand to ensure your compressor can accommodate expanding operations.

Consider compressor type :–

  • Reciprocating compressors are ideal for intermittent use and smaller operations, while rotary screw compressors are better suited for continuous and high-demand applications.
  • Evaluate the pros and cons of each type, such as efficiency, noise levels, and maintenance requirements, to align with your facility's specific requirements.

Assess power source :–

  • Ensure your facility has access to the necessary electrical or fuel source required by the chosen compressor.
  • Determine if any electrical upgrades or modifications are needed to support the compressor's power demands.

Evaluate space and installation :–

  • Measure the available space where you plan to install the compressor, considering clearances and access for maintenance.
  • Account for ventilation requirements to prevent overheating and noise control measures to maintain a comfortable working environment.
  • Budget for any installation costs, including electrical work and the foundation or mounting structure for the compressor.

Budget and maintenance :–

  • Consider the initial purchase cost of the compressor and related accessories, such as air dryers, filters, and storage tanks.
  • Evaluate the ongoing maintenance expenses, including routine servicing, replacement parts, and lubricants, to ensure the compressor remains reliable and efficient.
  • Calculate the compressor's expected lifespan and weigh it against the long-term cost of ownership to make a cost-effective decision for your facility.

Pattons CA is here to help with all your compressed air needs. If you have any questions about the best compressed air system for your facility, contact us today!


An industrial air compressor is used to convert power into compressed air, which is essential for a wide range of applications in a variety of industries. It powers pneumatic tools, controls processes, and provides compressed air for various functions.

Compressed air is used in a diverse range of industries such as:


  • Powering air jet and air spindle weaving machines to facilitate yarn movement and twisting during fabric production.
  • Ensuring cleanliness and quality by removing dust and contaminants from machinery, workspaces, and fabrics through compressed air blowdown systems.
  • Food and Beverage:

  • Compressed air is utilized to clean containers and transport food and beverage products through filling and packaging lines , maintaining hygiene and product integrity.
  • Pneumatic Conveying - it is employed to transfer ingredients and materials, such as flour, sugar, and grains, in a hygienic and efficient manner within the production process.
  • Aerospace:

  • Compressed air is employed in aircraft braking systems, providing the necessary pressure for effective and reliable braking during landing and ground operations.
  • Compressed air powers a wide range of pneumatic tools used in aircraft maintenance and assembly, including riveting guns, wrenches, and paint sprayers, ensuring precision and efficiency in aerospace manufacturing and maintenance.
  • Pneumatic Tools:

  • Compressed air powers a variety of pneumatic tools such as drills, grinders, sanders, and impact wrenches, providing flexibility and efficiency for numerous manufacturing tasks.
  • Also used for pneumatic conveyors that transport materials, parts, and products along production lines, facilitating the movement and sorting of items in manufacturing processes.
  • Automotive:

  • Compressed air powers essential tools like impact wrenches, sanders, and spray guns used in assembly, painting, and repair processes, contributing to the efficiency and precision of automotive manufacturing and maintenance.
  • Pharmaceutical:

  • Compressed air is essential for maintaining sterile conditions in pharmaceutical manufacturing, including providing air for cleanrooms to prevent contamination during the production of medicines and medical devices.
  • It’s utilized for pneumatic instrumentation and control systems in pharmaceutical equipment, ensuring precise and consistent operation in various processes, such as filling and packaging.
  • Furniture:

  • Used to power a range of woodworking tools such as nail guns, sanders, and spray equipment, aiding in the assembly and finishing of furniture pieces.
  • Compressed air assists in operating dust collection systems that help maintain a clean and safe working environment by removing wood dust and particles generated during furniture manufacturing and woodworking processes.
  • Medical:

  • Compressed air is vital for operating medical devices like ventilators and oxygen concentrators, ensuring the delivery of breathable air to patients with respiratory conditions.
  • Powers precision surgical tools, such as dental drills and orthopedic instruments, enabling healthcare professionals to perform surgeries with accuracy and control.
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    We offer various types of air compressors that come with best-in-class warranties. Click on each of the options above to learn more about the warranty for that specific group. At Pattons CA, we offer technical support along with air compressor service and maintenance options to ensure your equipment functions at its best.